Bringing Big Ideas to Life

Based in Navarre, FL, our agency is home to the people and resources needed to kickstart or revamp your online brand or image.

From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, we identify the latest trends to launch campaigns for the modern world. Our services are designed to increase revenue through unique branding projects and the most effective marketing techniques, such as:

  • Branded Product Manufacturing
  • Consumer Trend Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Innovative Web Design

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Featured Projects

Toy Promotion

With the World's Largest "Fidget Spinner"

Fidget Spinners were the latest fad back in 2017, becoming one of the highest selling items in toy e-commerce. 850Genesis identified this trend in its infancy and created a viral marketing plan for a client.

Working with our suppliers, we designed and manufactured the largest fidget spinner ever to promote an online storefront selling the toys. The spinners were shipped to various influencers in crates weighing over 300lbs. Our partnered creators then used our creation in promotional videos which raked in over 20 million views.

Additionally, we provided e-commerce web design services to optimize the search ranking and speed of the customer's website.


Local Business Assistance

Company Formation, Logistics, and Branding

With an extensive network of local community members, 850Genesis has invested in many local businesses and provided our years of expertise in getting them off the ground. We support our investments with expert advice on marketing, management, and brand design.

The industries we've worked with include:

  • Healthcare (Private Practice)
  • Chemical (Aquarium Products)
  • Automotive (Mobile Detailing)
  • E-Commerce (Health Products)


Branded Product Manufacturing

From design to doorstep

In a world where online campaigns can be created at the click of the button, you need something to make yours stand out. Physical products have a high barrier to entry among small to medium creators, making them ideal to set yourself apart.

Our manufacturing connections can bring your product to life, whether it is a one-off promotional item or a mass-produced white-label product. After designing and manufacturing, we continue the logistics process through shipping and customs to get your product delivered to your doorstep or studio.

Consumer Trend Research

Finding fads before they arrive

850Genesis predicted the success and downfall of many trends through our consumer and retail trends research. Our goal is to identify trending products that align with your brand or niche and leverage the hype to increase your revenue. With the services we offer, we are "full service" and can create a pipeline from marketing to manufacturing to take advantage of these trends long before they peak.

Search Engine Optimization

Modern techniques for ranking #1

With the majority of online consumers finding businesses through search, it is important to rank highly for targeted keywords. We have lots of experience in launching intensive SEO campaigns to outrank competitors, with results in weeks, not months. Our SEO services include:

  • Targeted content writing
  • Guest-blog outreach
  • Keyword and competitor ranking reports
  • On-page schema optimization
  • Performance optimization (new for 2022, including TTFB, CLS, and other Google performance indicators)

Innovative Web Design

Pushing the limits of web 3.0

We specialize in web design, from simple e-commerce storefronts to immersive browser-based experiences. A static website simply doesn't cut it anymore. 850Genesis developers are experts in the latest emerging web technologies, including:

  • WebGL 3D Experiences
  • WebWorkers (for performance and multi-threading)
  • Backend Scaling (on AWS or GCP)
  • Blockchain/NFT based projects

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